OpEx Versus CapEx

“Being ever-evolving as an attack tool, even the simplest form of ransomware can cost significant time and money, but more severe attacks can deal a crippling blow and even destroy a company completely, sparing no one” (Ransomware Facts, Trends & Statistics for 2020).

The effects of a ransomware attack on a business or organization can be detrimental. This is especially dangerous considering the unique time of economic uncertainty we are currently experiencing, which has forced many businesses to manage and mitigate their risks while planning ahead. “If the end of 2019 is any indication, ransomware in 2020 will become more hazardous than ever” (2020 Prediction: Ransomware to become more dangerous than ever).

Picture this: You are the IT director for a school district and you are worried about the increase in ransomware attacks and other forms of malware. You want to make sure you have a reliable data backup and recovery plan in place. You have heard of the amazing features of Rubrik software and you would love to apply their technology, however, you do not have the budget to take the leap and purchase a Brik. 

Rubrik Technology

Rubrik technology converges backup, secondary, storage, and data management into a single software. As one of the fastest-growing IT companies in the world, they are solving all the problems that data backup was previously known for— slow recoveries, poor scalability, and lack of automation/cloud support. With immutability for ransomware, end-to-end encryption, data replication, and instant recovery, it is no wonder time and time again, people are choosing Rubrik. 

Every business or organization should have a data backup and recovery plan in place. Whether you are the owner of a growing business or the IT director for an organization, there are many reasons why one may not be ready for a Brik. Some simply do not have the budget, and others may be cautious in their purchasing decisions because of the current pandemic. Whatever the reason may be, Trinsio understands your concerns and has created a way to meet these specific needs.

Trinsio’s OpEx Model

Although large enterprises and organizations may have the capital to purchase a Brik upfront, growing businesses don’t always have the same opportunity. Trinsio has developed an OpEx Model by offering a monthly consumption-based service that allows organizations of any size to take advantage of all the features of Rubrik, without initial outstanding costs. Trinsio will help you build a plan that will grow and shrink according to the amount of data you have.

Along with the monthly lease of a Brik, Trinsio’s OpEx model provides local data and storage management (capacity varies based on Brik model), full-featured Rubrik data management tools, CloudOut — archive backup data to Fibernet, Amazon S3, Google, or Azure Blob Storage for quick access and retrieval. 

Trinsio provides data management solutions, including data backup and recovery, all powered by Rubrik. With more than 30+ years of experience in cloud, data center colocation, and communications, Trinsio can provide customers with custom-tailored solutions covering all aspects of data management. With Rubrik, we provide enterprise-level complete data management to customers of any size.