Rubrik for

Rubrik for

Built-in APIs

The perfect API-rich environment to control your on-prem and cloud apps.

All in One Place

Manage all of your on-prem and cloud apps in one, easy-to-use interface.

Data Mobility

Backup your data anywhere, from Trinsio’s data center to AWS.

How It Works

Use Rubrik to protect your data and applications, whether it is in AWS or on-prem, as well as mount test/dev instances and search data stores. Trinsio Complete Data Management can capitalize on AWS for hybrid cloud, cloud native or disaster recovery situations.

Disaster Recovery to AWS

Leverage AWS, no matter where you store your data or run Rubrik, to recover quickly from disaster situations by converting saved versions of your VMs or cloud-based object storage to live instances running on EC2.

Migrating Test/Dev to AWS

Migrate your existing applications to AWS or spin up backups of your VMs in AWS for testing and development.

Data Archival

Reduce your storage costs for long-term storage by archiving your data to AWS Glacier or S3 and remain confident in easy access with Rubrik’s real-time search.


Replicate data to multiple AWS cloud locations for redudancy. Replication from your on-site Trinsio appliance to AWS or vice versa is also available.

Cloud-Native Backup

Rubrik can backup any cloud-native workload running on an EC2 instance, which means you can do it all in AWS, even from your Trinsio Air Appliance on-premises.

Key Features

Resilient and Efficient Cloud-scale Data

Deduplication to maximize storage. Erasure coding for resilience and fault tolerance.

Instant Recovery

Fast recovery for your files, folders, databases, and applications.

API-first Architecture

RESTful APIs to facilitate migration of on-prem data to the cloud and manage cloud data to meet recovery objectives.

Real-Time Analytics

Get insight on data management, compliance, and capacity planning for your cloud environment.


Policy-based Management

Intelligent SLA policy engine for effortless management.


Global Search

Locate specific files and snapshots in real time with suggested search results.

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