Continuous Data Protection (CDP)

A Continuous Stream of Recovery Points for Reduced Data Loss

Available for VMWare environments, Continuous Data Protection (CDP) produces near-zero RPOs by offering a continuous stream of data recovery points. Recover VMs to any point in time. Protect your organization against ransomware by recovering to the latest safe copy.

How It Works


CDP backs up data based on changes made to the live data. Each change in the data is saved in a journal-style file, so your backups are always up to date. This differs from a snapshot-based approach, which backs up the data at different time intervals, and offers fewer recovery points.

Key Features

Near-Zero RPOs

Prevent data loss by recovering from a seemless range of data points.

Native Integration

Continuous data protection is built into the Rubrik Data Management platform to control backups, replication, and disaster recovery plans all in one place.


Easy Management

Setting up continuous data protection for your VMs is as easy as flipping a switch, and can be done in the same place you define your SLA policies.

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Matt Harris
Head of IT at Mercedes-AMG Petronas Motorsport

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