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Manufacturing firms are under attack! LockerGoga, a ransomware strain, has been making news as popular strain used in a number of ransomware attacks on manufacturing firms, including Alron and Hexion and Momentive. Ransomware attacks can be detremental to any business, and manufacturing firms are no exception. LockerGoga has been successful in forcing companies to switch to manual operations because of locked-down IT systems. Most recently, Norwegian manufacturer Norsk Hydro lost over $52 million when hit with a ransomware attack in March, from business lost while IT systems were down.

The best and first thing you can do for your company’s cyber security is get backed up; Without a backup, if other barriers are breached, than your data is toast, and everything is gone. However, if you have backed up (and backed up correctly), that nasty situation turns into managable, and something you can come back from. With Rubrik’s safe immutable backups, you can rest assured that your data is safe from ransomware and other disasters.

Rubrik is also there when you need it, and fast. Adelaide Brighton, a well-known Austrailian manufacturing company, saved 90% management time after switching to Rubrik: “Prior to Rubrik, our legacy solution required outsourcing to external consultants, in addition to our team spending more than 16 hours a week just managing backups. Now we spend less than two hours a week checking Rubrik.” Find out how much time you can save with Rubrik.

The Data Says It All in 2019

Sources: CyberEdge Group and Sophos


Manufacturing Firms Hit with Ransomware


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Chance You Will be Compromised by a Cyberattack

Cost of a Ransomware Attack in US Dollars in 2019

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How Trinsio Can Help Your Organization



End-to-End Encryption

Rubrik secures data with FIPS-certified hardware or software-based encryption, so all data is encrypted at-rest and in-flight, whether it is on-premises or in the cloud.

Data Immutability

All ingested data is written and stored in an immutable, read-only format, preventing a potential threat, such as ransomware, from accessing and encrypting underlying backup data. 



Flash-optimized Ingest

Rubrik ingests large volumes of data rapidly by maximizing the number of parallel data streams processed.

Scale-out Deduplication

Maximize storage efficiency with global deduplication across one infinitely scalable cluster.

Data Replication

Choose to replicate the data on your Rubrik Brik to the Trinsio Cloud for additional redundancy.



Instant Recovery

Quickly recover VMs, SQL, and Oracle databases by mounting directly onto Rubrik without additional storage provisioning.

Bare Metal Recovery

In the event of a disaster, deliver full system recovery for Windows and migrate to any hypervisor or cloud instance. Quickly restore in-place with the operating system and critical data intact.

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