Trinsio’s data management platform is powered by Rubrik, which means that you get the same enterprise features at a lower cost.


    Quick Start

    Rack and go. Managed Trinsio FLUX. POC. period.

    Instant Recovery

    Live Mount VMs & SQL. Instant search and file restore.


    Rapid Ingest

    Flash-optimized, parallel ingest accelerates snapshots and eliminate stun.

    Content-aware dedupe. One global namespace.


    End-to-end encryption. Immutability to fight Ransomware.


    Intelligent SLA policy engine for effortless management.


    “CloudOut” instantly accessible with global search. Launch apps with “CloudOn” for DR or test/dev. Run apps in the cloud.


    End-to-End Encryption

    Secure data with FIPS-certified hardware or software-based encryption. All data is encrypted at-rest and in-flight, whether it is on-premises or in the cloud.

    Immutability for Ransomware

    Protect your backup data against Ransomware with native immutability.



    Flash-optimized Ingest

    Minimize impact to production and eliminate application stun for highly transactional applications. Rubrik ingests large volumes of data rapidly by maximizing the number of parallel data streams processed.


    Policy-based Management

    Click to assign SLA policies to your VMs, applications, and databases. Just select desired snapshot capture frequency, retention duration, and desired location.

    Scale-out Deduplication

    Maximize storage efficiency with global deduplication across one infinitely scalable cluster.


    Data Replication

    Choose to replicate the data on your Rubrik Brik to the Trinsio Cloud for additional redundancy.


    Instant Recovery

     Quickly recover VMs, SQL, and Oracle databases by mounting directly onto Rubrik without additional storage provisioning.


    Global Real-time Search

    Instantly search for applications and files across all snapshots stored on-prem or in the cloud with suggested search results as you type.

    Point-in-Time Recovery

    Find and recover the relevant point-in-time snapshot. For SQL and Oracle databases, apply transaction logs to restore back to the desired point.

    Bare Metal Recovery

    In the event of a disaster, deliver full system recovery for Windows and migrate to any hypervisor or cloud instance. Quickly restore in-place with the operating system and critical data intact.

    We are proud to be a Rubrik Strategic Partner.

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