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Ransomware Strikes Again: The Oakland Cyber Attack

Ransomware Strikes Again: The Oakland Cyber Attack After a ransomware attack disrupted local government operations, the City of Oakland declared a state of emergency. The City Administrator G. Harold Duffey issued this declaration due to ongoing impacts of network outages caused by ransomware. The city is now working with law enforcement and cybersecurity experts to […]

Data Protection for Cities, Counties, and Municipalities

Small cities, counties, and municipalities often think that they are too small to be targeted by cybercriminals, but the reality is that no organization is immune to cyber attacks. In fact, smaller governments may actually be more vulnerable to cyber attacks due to limited resources and cybersecurity expertise. Therefore, it is crucial for these smaller […]

When Trinsio Met ThreatBlockr

When ThreatBlockr Met Trinsio… ThreatBlockr, an industry innovator committed to protecting companies and organizations against all cyber attacks using an active defense cybersecurity platform, has entered into a strategic partnership with Trinsio, a cybersecurity company specializing in data management solutions including data backup and recovery. Together, this new partnership will provide enterprise-level data backup, recovery, […]

New Jersey School District — Attacked!

Ransomware Attack on New Jersey School District Last month Tenafly Public Schools – a school district in New Jersey experienced chaos when ransomware crippled their computer systems. Members of the district first noticed something was wrong when they were not able to access any of their files normally.  They hired a cybersecurity expert to evaluate […]

What Your Business is Missing: Rubrik Polaris

“Rubrik’s native immutability coupled with the AI-driven alerting and detection of Radar are the most critical data protection and business continuity tools in my arsenal against today’s intensifying cyber threats.” Fabrice De Biasio (CIO at ASL Airlines) Rubrik was recently awarded the Best Data Security and Data Protection award at VMworld 2019, has been named […]

Fact or False? Breaking Down Ransomware Myths

On average, every 39 seconds, cyber criminals are attacking. (University of Maryland) Ransomware is a threat to every business, organization, and industry that contains data. The destruction that ransomware attacks cause can be devastating, leaving businesses, leaders, and executives in a world of hurt. With ransomware happening at an increasing rate, there is a lot […]

RANSOMWARE: Coming to a Town Near You!

Galt California, a small town about 25 miles from Sacramento fell victim to a ransomware attack earlier this year. After a city employee clicked on a link that was disguised as a message from another Galt City Employee, malware spread through the city’s entire system. “It encrypted critical files that knocked several key phone lines […]

Ransomware: “It won’t happen to me…” until it does

With ransomware, it is easy to assume, “it won’t happen to me” until it does. Dr. William Scalf and Dr. John Bizon became victims of this horrific cybercrime in March of this year. The two doctors own a small medical office in Battle Creek Michigan that has been operating for many years. Upon return from […]

Honda Battles Ransomware

Honda, one of the largest vehicle manufacturers in the world, was hit by a ransomware attack on Monday, June 8th. News of the attack came after Honda tweeted a message informing the public that Honda Customer and Financial Services were experiencing technical difficulties and were currently unavailable. This ransomware attack disrupted Honda’s global operations, including […]

I’ve Been Hit by Ransomware… What Now?

In an article titled “Best practices to remediate a ransomware attack” published through Business & Finance, Filip Verloy, Field CTO EMEA of Rubrik says, “As the use of remote working rises, so do potential threats and vulnerabilities, especially within a smaller business which might not have stringent home working security measures in place. People have been forced […]