Cyberattack Causes Outages in City of Pittsburg, Kansas

A ransomware attack on the City of Pittsburg in Kansas has disrupted the local government’s phone, email, and online payment systems.

City staff discovered the attack on September 16, 2023, after the bad actors involved demanded a ransom payment to recover city servers.

The city was forced to perform critical tasks on paper until services were restored.

Recent Increase in Small Government Attacks

The incident exemplifies a recent trend noted by cybersecurity experts indicating a rapid rise in cyberattacks targeted against small governments and cities.

As reported on by Infosecurity Magazine, nearly half of all ransomware attacks target municipalities.

The International City/County Management Association (ICMA) lists five key reasons these organizations are targeted including:

  1. Large number of local governments
  2. Holders of sensitive information
  3. Inadequate cybersecurity
  4. Financial constraints
  5. Use of Internet of Things (IoT) technology

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