Wyoming’s New Initiative to Combat Cyber Threats

Governor Gordon’s Vision for Cybersecurity

On June 9, Governor Gordon signed Executive Order 2023-02, setting the wheels in motion for the creation of the Wyoming Cyber Assistance Response Effort Team, affectionately known as the CARE Team. This team comes with a clear and ambitious mission: to protect the state and its local jurisdictions from the disruptive impacts of cyber-related incidents. By emphasizing prevention, response, and recovery, the CARE Team’s framework underscores the holistic approach needed to navigate the complexities of cybersecurity.

Governor Gordon’s commitment to strengthening cybersecurity in Wyoming reflects his astute understanding of the present digital vulnerabilities. He stressed, “It’s essential that the state remains focused on strengthening cybersecurity for Wyoming citizens and our state’s critical infrastructure.” His recognition that uncertain times require heightened vigilance speaks volumes about the proactive stance the state is taking to secure its digital realm.

The Collaborative Force: Composition of the CARE Team

The CARE Team is composed of a diverse array of experts hailing from various state departments and agencies. This includes representation from the Wyoming Office of the Chief Information Officer and Enterprise Technology Services, the Wyoming Information Analysis Team, the Wyoming Division of Criminal Investigation’s Computer Crime Team, the Wyoming Office of Homeland Security, and the Wyoming National Guard. This composition reflects the multidisciplinary approach required to effectively counter cyber threats.

Mirroring Federal Frameworks: A Well-Structured Response

One notable aspect of the CARE Team’s approach is its alignment with the federal government’s cybersecurity response model. This alignment is embodied in the Wyoming Cyber Disruption Response Plan, which the CARE Team is tasked with updating and implementing. This common framework not only streamlines communication and collaboration but also ensures that the state is well-prepared to respond to technological threats with a structured, organized, and effective approach.

Analyzing Threats and Building Partnerships

Governor Gordon’s executive order empowers the CARE Team to meticulously analyze cybersecurity threats and other technology-based risks. By conducting thorough assessments of vulnerabilities, the team is well-equipped to offer informed recommendations for the protection of the state’s digital resources. Furthermore, the creation of partnerships with relevant federal agencies extends the collaborative effort beyond state borders, demonstrating Wyoming’s commitment to the broader national cybersecurity landscape.

A Resilient Future

As technology advances, so do the tactics of cyber attackers. Governor Mark Gordon’s visionary approach in establishing the Wyoming Cyber Assistance Response Effort Team lays a strong foundation for a more secure digital future. By acknowledging the importance of cybersecurity and taking proactive measures, Wyoming is not only protecting its critical infrastructure but also setting an example for other states to follow.

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