Ransomware Strikes Again: The Oakland Cyber Attack

Ransomware Strikes Again: The Oakland Cyber Attack

After a ransomware attack disrupted local government operations, the City of Oakland declared a state of emergency. The City Administrator G. Harold Duffey issued this declaration due to ongoing impacts of network outages caused by ransomware. The city is now working with law enforcement and cybersecurity experts to determine the scope and severity of the attack.

Although 911 emergency services are still up and running, the Oakland Police Department has reported that the attack certainly “has delayed response times” and although the City Administrator did not specify which systems are down, Duffey stated that “Oakland continues to experience a network outage that has left several non-emergency systems including phone lines within the City of Oakland impacted or offline”. 

Sachin Bansal, SecurityScorecard chief business officer said “we need to take this as a warning of broader attack threats and harden our security at all levels,” and “Oakland was particularly vulnerable, due to its older systems and limited resources. Which is common in many local governments. (St. Clair and Burbank)

“Ransomware expert Brett Callow said at least six governments have already reported ransomware attacks this year, with at least four of them having data stolen.” (Jonathan Greig)

“The ransomware incident affecting the City of Oakland underscores a harsh reality that every governmental agency must confront; a ransomware attack isn’t just a remote possibility but rather a likely imminent event.” Comforte AG Cybersecurity Expert, Erfan Sadabi.

Cybersecurity is a crucial aspect that cities and governments should take seriously. The risks and consequences of cyber attacks can be devastating. Investing in cybersecurity solutions should be a top priority to ensure data and systems are protected from cyber threats. 

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Oakland Declares State of Emergency Due to Ransomware Attack

State of emergency declared as City of Oakland grapples with ransomware attack

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