“Rubrik’s native immutability coupled with the AI-driven alerting and detection of Radar are the most critical data protection and business continuity tools in my arsenal against today’s intensifying cyber threats.” Fabrice De Biasio (CIO at ASL Airlines)

Rubrik was recently awarded the Best Data Security and Data Protection award at VMworld 2019, has been named one of the top cloud companies, and continues to captivate many companies and organizations with its industry leading technology. 

The technology Rubrik offers has many features and qualities that make it so great. One of these is Rubrik Polaris, the industry’s first SaaS platform to unite your applications and data across multiple locations to simplify control, governance, and compliance across your environments.

What Polaris contributes to the Rubrik technology is that Polaris analyses the metadata from the backups ingested by the Rubrik Brik. With Polaris, Rubrik is actually reaching out to the different public and private clouds and capturing the metadata.

Polaris GPS

To break this down a little bit, Polaris is the solution for companies or organizations that may store data in several different locations like Amazon AWS, Microsoft Azure, Google Cloud Platform, Local Data, etc. It is the main control center for all those data stores. With Polaris, you can collect all of your metadata from these various locations, and gain insights and visibility into your data all in one place with an easy-to-use interface. Through these reports, you will be able to see how fast your data is growing, what data is compliance sensitive, etc.

Polaris Radar

Polaris Radar is a tool used for monitoring your data, similar to having a security guard for your data. It monitors how much data you have, how often it changes, what files change often or never change, and how often your data amount fluctuates up and down. Radar basically builds its own algorithm and profile of what your data should look like, then alerts you if there are any abnormalities. 

Polaris will also ensure that you are meeting the goals or requirements you may have for backing up your data. If you have agreements in place or have to follow certain regulations, Polaris can verify that you are doing so.

With great add-on features like Rubrik Polaris, it is no wonder, Rubrik is a titan of the data management and protection industry. Polaris can simplify your operations by going from installation to fully functioning within minutes. You are doing your business or organization a huge favor and potentially saving millions protecting yourself against ransomware attacks by making it easier to detect and recover from attacks. 

Trinsio can give you the opportunity to utilize Rubrik’s incredible technology but for a cost that is affordable for you. We understand that data management can be overwhelming, especially if you are a small business or organization that may not completely understand it, but we will guide you, step-by-step, to first understand your data, then create a plan to protect it, specifically tailored to your need.