Rubrik Announces Expansions to Service Polaris During Digital Forward Summit

On Monday Rubrik held the Rubrik Forward Digital Summit. More than 7,500 registered attendees from 81 different countries joined CEO and Co-founder Bipul Sinha, President of Rubrik, Dan Rogers, comedian Hasan Minhaj, and others to celebrate the innovations in data management technology. 

Dan Rogers said about Rubrik’s new innovations: “With the innovations we announced at Forward, Rubrik has taken another leap in maximizing value for our customers. We changed the game in backup and recovery with our automated SLA engine, near-instant recovery, and converged software fabric. Now, we’re extending that to dramatically, simplify management of popular workloads on Amazon Web Services, Google Cloud Platform, and Microsoft Azure.”

Most notable among the announced innovations were the above-mentioned expansions to Rubrik Polaris. Launched a little over two years ago, Polaris provides a way to centralize, organize, and manage all data across cloud platforms and data centers. Since the launch, Rubrik continues to expand services available under the Polaris umbrella, with expansions to its public cloud coverage.

Protection for Google Cloud Platform (GCP) Virtual Machines

Similar to Rubrik’s solution for Azure and Amazon Web Services, GCP Virtual Machine Protection brings enterprise-level data protection to Google Cloud Platform Virtual Machines. Polaris GCP Protection provides added protection to cloud services without added complexities from infrastructure and maintenance. Now organizations can recover even the most complex data in minutes.

Frederic Lhoest, Senior Technology Architect at PCCW Global shared his experience with Rubrik’s new GCP protection, “Rubrik’s native protection for Google Cloud Platform (GCP) will modernize the protection of our cloud-native applications, extending the same simplicity of our on-prem environment into the cloud. By employing the same SLA policies to automate data protection across our hybrid cloud, we will no longer have to dedicate time to manage our backups. Rubrik’s solution will increase our operational efficiency and allow us to focus on what matters the most – our customers.” 

Protection for Amazon Relational Database Service (RDS)

Rubrik is expanding its protection to AWS Relational Database Services, increasing the availability of RDS users’ applications, across all availability zones and for all instance types. Additionally, Rubrik has simplified the setup, with only a 2-step process between the user and auto-discovery of instances across the service. 

Protection for Microsoft 365 OneDrive

Rubrik is also expanding its existing protection to Microsoft 365 OneDrive by offering more granular restore options–file- and folder-level recoveries–on OneDrive with Polaris. This will give organizations further control over their data and minimize data loss. About this James Cuneo, Senior Systems Engineer at BMD Group, said, “As a leader in the construction industry, our field employees rely on portable tablets to stay connected and manage projects. Those tablets can be lost, stolen, and are subject to wear and tear, so it’s critical that data is easily recoverable. Rubrik’s protection for Microsoft OneDrive will offer us peace of mind; we’ll know that our data is safe, secure, and easily accessible in the event of data loss. Rubrik’s approach to Microsoft OneDrive will be a game-changer; it will amplify our data leverage and safeguard our data so that it never leaves our cloud account. This will be critical to uphold compliance and will make file-level search and recovery a breeze.”

Metadata is the New Data

Also prevalent during the presentations at Rubrik’s Forward Digital Summit was the discussion about the importance of metadata. During one of the keynote talks, Bipul Sinha said, “Data is eating the world. Data is how businesses are thinking about how to create an advantage in the market. People are predicting within 10 years we will have 50 billion devices generating 175 zettabytes of data…Rubrik helps organizations leverage their backup data to address some of today’s biggest business challenges, such as responding to cyberattacks and staying ahead of data privacy regulations. These organizations will outpace the competition in the World of the Data-Forward Enterprise.”

Research from International Data Corporation (IDC) confirms what Sinha was arguing. Today 45.7% of organizations are not extracting all the possible metadata from their data due to data management defects. IDC also has found that organizations with formal plans to leverage the data as a competitive advantage had eight times the growth rate and doubled their profitability compared to those that did not. 

Rubrik’s focus on leveraging the metadata to help customers make informed decisions about their organization’s data has set them apart from its competitors and is just one of the reasons that they’ve experienced such rapid growth since their beginnings. 

For more information about Rubrik Polaris, click here.