Bridge to Brik

We understand that your data is important. The need for businesses to have a data backup and recovery plan in place cannot be overstated. Hard drive failure, file corruption, cyber crime, or even a virus could possibly wipe out all your important files and leave your business in ruins. As the frequency of these cybersecurity threats continue to climb, so does your chance of being affected.

Rubrik Technology

Rubrik has created a cloud data management and enterprise backup software that instills confidence in organizations that their data will be protected. A few of the ways they help to protect and recover your data is with end-to-end encryption, an immutability to fight ransomware, near-zero recovery times and data replication. 

What About Small Businesses and the Mid-Sized Market?

The technology Rubrik offers is targeted towards large enterprises and has benefited them greatly over the years. Many small businesses understand the need for a data backup and recovery plan and want to utilize Rubrik’s amazing technology but may not be able to commit to purchasing a Brik. Reasons for this may include not having the budget, wanting to test the features before commiting, or they may be rethinking their purchasing decisions as a result of the current pandemic. As a Rubrik strategic partner, Trinsio utilizes Rubrik software but provides data management solutions that are specifically built for the small business and mid-sized market.

Bridge to Brik

Bridge-to-brik gives every customer the ability to tap into Rubrik’s enterprise backup system. Trinsio’s ‘bridge-to-brik’ strategy allows the customer to start with Rubrik technology in a cost effective way, as low as $200 per Terabyte, and then transition to a Brik purchase when they feel they are ready. We offer a monthly consumption-based service that allows organizations of any size to take advantage of all the features of Rubrik, and easily migrate to a Brik later. Trinsio will nurture the customer, help them understand the features and functions, and ultimately create a data management plan. 

Free 30-Day Trial

We encourage your business or organization to put our technology to the test. Utilizing our free 30-day trial gives you an opportunity to become familiar with the software and the various features included and then build a plan fitted to your business or organization.